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Game changing EP 'Plug talk' unites the hottest UK and USA artists

July 8, 2019

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Northside media meets K Cotterell

February 4, 2019

I recently popped into the GMF studio to have a chat with Sheffield rapper K Cotterell. K Cotterell is set to make waves in the music scene in the near future, so we wanted to get to know the artist a little more. If you haven't heard of him check out his music on youtube or on all major digital media platforms. 


So, can you tell us a little bit about your background?


My names K Cottrell, From Sheffield, 3 of my grandparents are Jamaican and then my mums mum is Irish. From when i left school i went to college to do sport science but i ended up quitting that and doing a couple courses down at red tape which led to me going to university up in leeds to do music production but when i graduated i came back to Sheffield and wasn't sure wether i wanted to pursue a career in music production or just secure my finances so i ended up getting into education. I got involved in teaching and became a head of year a few years down the line but it just wasn't for me i wanted to do something creative. So now I'm concentrating on music.

I’m part of the GMF collective and we basically just make wavey music. I started off making rap that was kind of sit down and listen rap, so people could take it in but at the minute I'm trying to get a vibe for like music people can listen to in the clubs or in the car and all of that. So yeah we’re GMF we make vibes for the people. 


Can you tell us a little about GMF? how did this come about and whats the meaning behind it?


So basically GMF stands for G Man forever, so the situation with that was that we all used to make music together when we were younger and my little cousin was the youngest out the bunch. Then everyone broke off to do their own thing and one time he said to me we should get back into the studio but i wasn’t really on it, and then he passed away. So that really pushed me to get back into it and do what i wanna do because life's to short. So we all represent GMF , G man forever.


How did you get into music originally?


A mixture of growing up around music and my parents always had music blasting in the house. It just got to a stage where i just started writing as an MC and writing rap. I started off writing grime in school but i preferred the slower rap so i got into that stuff and cut the grime off.


where do you find inspiration for your music?


I listen to a lot of american stuff. Although i do listen local stuff and UK stuff to but i just like the American wave so thats what i use for inspiration a lot of the time.


Are there any artists who particularly influence you?


I’ve been listening to Kodak Black a lot, his new album dying to live. Testimony, thats my track at the moment it just resonates with me it’s just everything i can relate to and it has that certain energy i love it. 



So you’re working on an EP, can you tell us a bit about that?


I haven't got a name for it yet, but like i said earlier I'm trying to make a mixture of real rap if you like and tracks with good energies in there for people to party too. So, yeah there isn't a name but its due to come out late march times.


What is you’re creative process when making music?


It tends to vary, sometimes ill just come to the studio my guys put a beat on and it just flows or i might come studio and not do anything for a few hours but record it bit by bit and go back and finesse it all. It just depends on my mood or what kind of track it is really. i don’t make my beats but i mix my stuff down and the mastering bit I'm tweaking so i send it off just to give it that extra finesse for the listeners. 


How do you find being a musician in Sheffield? 


i don’t feel like its the most popping place but its not an excuse to not get your music out there, there are enough platforms and you can travel to get it out there. I’d say wherever you are you can make it pop you just have to put yourself in the right places.


Are there any artists here that you're backing at the moment?


Straight GMF , GMF , GMF!  I always try to stay tuned in with the local scene just as much as music on the MainStage but right now I'm just tuned into perfecting my own craft.


Do you have any advice for artists starting up, especially in the North?


Just keep working hard, keep it moving. Im in a position now where I'm just trying to get as much exposure as possible and it’s accessible with social media and what not but also difficult because you can be popping one week and the next week you're just dead. I'm still trying to get exposure myself so, I'm still learning.


What are your future aspirations as an artist?


I just want to travel the world with my music and hopefully make money along the way , but i just want to make a living so i can travel the world and share my music.




Look out for more from K Cotterell as we expect big things from this artist, he's definitely one to watch.


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