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July 8, 2019

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Rae Stewart talks 'Hear me', her inspirations and her aspirations for the future

May 13, 2018



We’re here today with Rae Stewart who has just released her debut EP ‘Hear Me’. Rae is a dynamic new artist and budding star from Manchester. Her music consists of  heartfelt and soulful lyrical twists on hip hop and r&b beats, bringing a unique sound to the urban music scene. The artists brand new EP has been highly anticipated following the love and support she gained after the release of her 3 latest singles. We spoke to Rae in a previous interview in December about her life and goals. Now we've decided to chat with her about her latest movements with regards to the release of the EP, her listening party and her future plans for her musical career. 


Congratulations on the release, how are you feeling about it all?


Ecstatic, over the moon, nervous, happy so many mixed emotions. Just feel like I've finally accomplished something i was born to do!


Talk to us a bit about ‘Hear me’ what was the sort of message of the album? What were you trying to say to your listeners?


Basically an introduction to my voice, I've been singing all of my life and never took my singing too serious but i know now it was because i was scared and insecure about what people would think and say but thats why i called it hear me because now its the chance to hear me. My EP is versatile i am showing my pain in love but also my happiness in love, very confusing but i am a very confusing woman. 


You can definitely hear the pain but also your strength in the album! so what’s your favourite song off the album and why?


I have three actually dangerous, disrespect and think twice. Dangerous and disrespect is real pain which i have gone through so it was like i was getting of my chest and the beats just made it more magical for me to write to. The beats are the first step so when i heard them the writing just came naturally. Think twice was the beat i was instantly drawn too, i just started free styling and finding the correct flow and once i got it the words just came. I don't ever sit down and say right this is what the songs about I swear I just hear the beat start freestyling and then it's like certain tones and flows just stick then I get to the writing but more time with the freestyling I've already determined what the songs about!


Obviously when listening to the album we hear you speaking on relationships a lot what else do you like to write about? or what inspires you to write?


I just write about my personal experiences am a very deep individual so i feel like i’m still learning with my writing i’m also elevating so i will have to see where it takes me too, but for now life experiences are what i love to sing about. Like i said it all starts with the instrumental. 




So you had the listening party the other week , which was great by the way, how was it singing to a crowd? 


I was so nervous an hour before it's like it hit me its becoming reality that am an artist and am gonna sing my songs to a crowd the anxiety kicked in but I had to wait to go on stage and as the time was getting closer I started to get fed up and just wanted to get up there and smash it! I remember hearing my que to walk on and begin the show and that was it once my voice touched the Mic I thought, game time let's shut it down and believe me was a beautiful feeling


What makes ‘Rae’ how do you feel you’re a unique?


Rae stewart , i would say i’m just a wild but humble person what you see is what you get i’m a normal human being, others might differ that statement but i’m a cool girl (laughs)


What is your drive? what is pushing you to do what you do?


For the first time in my life i’m doing what I was born to do! Insecurities set me back for far to long i’m not saying I don't have insecurities because I do, i’m just more comfortable with who I am as a person and when you realise you only have one life and you have to fulfil your dreams!




Lets talk about your music videos, what was the filming process like as I'm guessing you haven't done a lot of stuff like that before?? were you nervous or was it pretty fun?


Oh my god don't start me on videos (laughs) I hate doing it because like I said I have insecurities. I’m always dead daft at the beginning I know my team get frustrated because they I know I can do it , it’s just getting me to perform so it's like i’m battling with being me but I should show the world i’m actually an actor too… jokeee  (laughs) . Na once I get started and comfortable it turns out great and we’re all laughing and having fun but i’m getting better at it as I do more, confidence is key.


What are you're future plans and goals for the album? what’s the next step?


Future plans are to promote hear me as much as we can and keep recording music and starting a new project. I have a couple shows coming up which is exciting.


Well thats the end of our interview, but have you got anything you'd like to say to you're listeners?


To the listeners I just want to say thank you for the love and support it's so over whelming and beautiful, you make me not want to stop making music because the belief is so strong I'm so thankful. To artist that are starting out in the game just believe in yourself and have good people around you that believe in you to. Never give up and remember not everyone will like you but so many will. stay true to who u are and live life.

Head to any major digital music outlets and download and stream Rae's brand new ep 'Hear Me' now! 

Also make sure to follow Rae on her Instagram @raestewartoffical to keep updated on the artists movements. Definitely keep an eye out for her, she's got so much to bring to the music scene and this is just the beginning for her!

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