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Game changing EP 'Plug talk' unites the hottest UK and USA artists

July 8, 2019

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The 'cult' movement of Bassline

January 9, 2018


Bassline is the lively music genre which originated from Sheffield, it blew up back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. The genre was loved and followed like a 'cult' back then and has the same effect on people today. You either Love or hate bassline, but if you get the chance to experience bassline in Sheffield then I doubt you’d leave still hating it. Some call Niche 'the home of Bassline' and the genre is often nicknamed ‘Niche’ because of this. Niche is the Sheffield nightclub which is fully dedicated too Bassline. Although the club hasn’t had it easy throughout the years, it was closed back in 2005 following a massive police raid linked to drugs and violence. Fortunately, bassline followers haven’t let the genre die and mid last year the club reopened in a new location. The club feels like a throwback to the noughties, with the old-school garage/bassline sound, the dim blue lighting and heavy smoke. DJ’s like Mr Virgo, Burga Boy, Dj Q, bassboy and many more used to play at Niche back when it was first open, some of which still play there today, maybe because Niche pioneered the genre. Basslines wobbly sound is perfect for the rave and is also complimented by the rowdy mc’s like Trilla and, or the floaty female vocals that you hear a lot of in the genre.























Bassline has changed and evolved since the old-school sound you hear In Niche, although you do hear it still around Sheffield. The likes of Off me nut have taken the country by storm, playing as a collective at Festivals like Boomtown and Shambala. They have a very varied approach to Bassline, different artists in the collective play different styles. Although they also created a new kind of Bassline which moves away from the original garage sound. Now you hear more of the high pitched wobbly sounds and it’s just slightly more intense. These off me nut raves usually sell out quickly and being there you get a taste of a madly unique rave scene. Artists like Thorpey, Forca, Phatworld and superior cornrows bring that quirky and distinct off me nut style to the rave. I've also got to mention Jack Junior who remixes grime, dancehall and other urban music styles. A favourite of mine as he's modernising the genre but sticks with the old school energy.

You’ve also got the more commercial version of modern Bassline which is presented by DJ’s like Ussy and Darkzy, they’re more often heard of on the radio. Often bringing a lighter style and remixing popular songs or artists like Drake. This style is becoming more and more popular, maybe it’ll result in bassline growing in popularity as a whole. Although I love the way that Bassline has a large but underground following, it means that the genre has kept its originality. It makes it more special.


The music is a massive part of Sheffields culture, the individual and iconic style and the musical movement which surrounded it cannot be forgotten. People still want to vibe to the heavy, wobbly Bassline, and Sheffield is definitely the place to be if you love the genre.























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