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July 8, 2019

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Review: Kraftwerk at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

June 13, 2017


Northside Media attended the Kraftwerk performance at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall over the weekend, and it's still easy to see why the group are considered to be one of the most important bands of all time in terms of the influence they've had over just about every music genre to date.


Whilst a group of 60-70 year old German males, standing in a line, looking somewhat unanimated for 2 hours straight doesn't sound like the most interesting performance ever, what they may be lacking in energy they certainly make up for with their forward thinking synth pop sounds. They maintain an air of grace about them onstage, and somehow manage to make 3D patterned jumpsuits look insanely cool.


Every element of the show was a sensation for the senses. The mesmerising 3D visuals complemented their synthetic style and kept the audience engaged throughout the entirety of the show. There wasn't a dud track within their live set, reflecting the perfectionists they quite clearly are! Listening to their music in 2017, it's easy to hear how their groundbreaking sounds went on to be sampled many times over in hip hop, inspired just about every electronic band that followed, and helped to form genres like techno. 


Kraftwerk will no doubt continue to inspire many more generations to come and will continue to be celebrated as one of the most influential groups of all time. We're extremely grateful we had the opportunity to view such a mesmerising experience live within our lifetime!



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